“That tree outside, it’s on fire-“

                “What?!” Julian cried out, no longer annoyed by his interruption as he stepped forward, a concerned look in his eyes.

                “Yeah, who do you think did it?”

                Before Julian or Logan could say something, an angry shouts cut through the air.


                Logan shut his eyes in frustration and stormed out of the room, Julian and Derek following quickly behind as they walked outside. All three were met by a large crowd of Stuarts, they started pushing their way through, their commands to quiet down or move were lost to the din of the Stuarts heated insults.

Outside one of the small oak trees were soaked in a quickly spreading flame, the now violent flames licking up the blackening bark as the crackling sound filled the air.

                Ethan and Evan were standing a bit away, shocked and stunned expressions on their handsome features as Wes and David yelled back at the mob of furious Stuarts forming on the steps.

                “ARE YOU INSANE?”


                Ethan and Evan’s gapes turned into irritated scowls.

“We’ve already done that,”

                “You insult our imagination.”

                “And intelligence.”

                More fighting ensued as insults were thrown back and forth across the lawn, neither of the angry parties noticing how quickly the fire was spreading, as if follow a path of lighter fuel because there was no way that fire could spread that quickly-

                Logan stumbled out in front, the Stuarts standing on the edge of the steps immediately saw his blazing eyes as he yelled and fell silent.

                “ALL OF YOU, GET BACK INSIDE.“

                Julian and Derek had been separated; Derek searching for a fire extinguisher-that seemed to have disappeared-and Julian nearly falling off the steps, out of the edge of the crowd that slowly started to quiet.

                No one noticed that the fire had spread to the small hedges lining the house, except Julian, who was immediately greeted by the heat as he fell towards it.


                A strong hand grabbed his arm and pulled him back quickly, nearly flinging him back into the crowd. Adam held the fire extinguisher and he sprayed it on the small hedge before pointing the nozzle towards the small tree, the foam stifling the flames and silence descended upon them. The Stuarts now back in the house, only a few still standing in the doorway and Logan standing on the steps, halfway turned toward the small group of Windsors. A strange look in his eyes as he stared at Adam who still stood poised with the fire extinguisher.

                “How the hell-weren’t you supposed to be back at Hanover?”

                Julian asked, panting slightly, sweat broke out across his forehead from being exposed to the heat and

Adam blushed-he hadn’t thought that Julian would think of that, but he had underestimated him, Julian was always proving to be more brilliant that Adam thought.

                Logan quickly walked up behind Julian, resting a hand on his arm, still staring at Adam who managed hide his frown as the blonde approached them. He couldn’t let Logan know how much he hated that he stole his time from Julian with him.

                Not yet anyway.

                “Don’t mind Jules, he’s always an ungrateful bastard.”

                Julian sputtered as he looked up at Logan and Logan finally tore his gaze away from the dark haired boy to look down at Julian, glancing meaningfully from the actor back to the Hanover discreetly.

                “He saved your fucking life just in time you idiot, say thank you.”

                Julian-completely caught off guard-but understanding, rolled his eyes.

                “Sorry about him, but seriously,” He grinned, after all acting came easy to him, didn’t it? “Thanks Adam, I’ll talk to you later, now get back to Hanover.”

                Julian continued to grin, meaning to sound jokingly commanding but he caught the almost-what?-possessive look in Adam’s eyes before he nodded slightly. His face split into a soft smile and he subtly brushed his fingers against Julian’s before turning to leave.

Julian acted as though he had barely noticed, though he felt Logan tense slightly next to him.

                “Talk to you later Jules.”

                The moment Adam turned his back, Julian felt Logan’s grip on his arm tighten as he practically dragged him back into Stuart.

                Julian, confused, tore his arm out of his grasp and turned to face him. About to speak until he noticed the angry but concerned look in Logan’s eyes.

                “We’re going to have to save that talk from earlier for later Jules, we need to find Derek.”


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